Top 10 Advantages of Willo Reader

Willo Reader is a White-label Cloud Distribution Platform enabling to Search, Browse, Read, Annotate & Highlight documents and eBooks (EPUB3 or PDF), with Intellectual Property Management and DRM Protection

1. Ingestion of all Universal formats (eBooks in PDF or EPUB3/2 format)

2. Full Content Search across all eBooks (in book metadata or any text)

3. Featuring Personal Bookshelf & User Settings

4. Accessibility Standards & requirements like Section 508 and WCA

5. Hybrid Print Fidelity/EPUB3 Web Reader with:

  • Responsive design
  • Fixed Layout or Reflowable
  • Zoom in/out, Thumbnails
  • TOC & Go to Print page Navigation
  • Full Text Searching inside the book
  • Videos, audios, SVG and Multimedia files
  • Multi-color Highlight & Annotate, Bookmark, Copy & Print
  • Content Preview & SEO (optional)
  • DRM (3A's: Authentication, Authorization & Accounting, Watermarking, enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights)
  • iPhone/iPad Application also including an Offline Reader
  • Android Application also including an Offline Reader
  • Windows Application also including an Offline Reader
  • Synchronization of Offline user highlights, annotations & bookmarks

6. Highly compliant EPUB3 Web Reader supporting:

  • MathML and TeX supported through MathJax
  • Media Overlays
  • Global Language Support
  • Embedded Fonts
  • IMS QTI™ support - standard for Online Tests, Assessments & Quizzes
  • Built-in Text-To-Speech - in supported browsers
  • Personalized Settings: Margins, Fonts, Schemes, Page Labels...
  • No plug-ins required for Web Reading

7. APIs (Search, Admin & Fulfillment/Sampling)

8. Back office for Accounts, Bookshelves, Transactions, Settings, Templates & more

9. Analytics Dashboard & Services

10. Straightforward Integration, Business Models & Support