Fully-Compliant EPUB3 Reader

The Willo Reader white-label Reader is capable of displaying interactive EPUB3, EDUPUB and soon EPUB4 books in a plain vanilla browser without any external extensions or applications. It also fully supports legacy EPUB2 books, Adobe PDFs and Comic book archives.

Have a quick look at these great features!

It is ranked #1 by Book Industry Study Group (BISG) in their EPUB 3 support grid:

Major publishers such as Pearson, McGraw-Hill, and SAGE have certified our Reader. All of this is working within a standard browser, making it easy to integrate our Reader in other sites or third-party apps, while fully retaining all its functionalities, such as note-taking, highlighting, bookmarking, full-text & metadata searching.

A JavaScript API can be used to control the Reader and receive various events. The API interface itself is a small, compact JavaScript layer, that can be loaded from any domain, and which communicates with the Reader through cross-document messages.

On top of the browser solution, mobile apps for Android, iOS devices (iPad or iPhone) are also available.

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Responsive design
Fixed Layout or Reflowable
Full text search
Social media
Interactive contents

Key features

The following essential features are provided using Willo Reader:

  • Responsive design
  • HTML5 elements such as videos, audios or any other elements are fully supported
  • Full scripting support
  • Full CSS3 support
  • SVG and any multimedia files
  • MathML and TeX supported through MathJax
  • Media Overlays
  • Global language support
  • Embedded fonts
  • Fixed Layout or Reflowable
  • Canonical Fragment Identifiers
  • Thumbnails
  • Full Text and Metadata Searching with Lucene
  • IMS QTI™ support - for online test assessments
  • Built-in Text-To-Speech - in supported browsers (Chrome currently)
  • DRM
  • Mobile apps
  • No plug-ins required
Browse & Read Project Gutenberg™ ebooks

BISG Support Grid test documents

Use Willo Reader to view all BISG Support Grid test documents

Question & Test Interoperability™

This specification enables the exchange of data between Reader, learning systems and assessment delivery systems.