What is Willo Reader?

In a nutshell: Willo Reader is a cloud-based distribution platform for ebooks. It allows your users to read, interact & search anytime, anywhere and with any device. And of course, ebooks are much more than text pages nowadays; they may contain videos, assessments, animations and all kind of interactive elements.

Willo Reader provides universal access to such ebooks via its browser-based EPUB3/PDF Reader and mobile applications while protecting the data using active and passive systems as well as management of digital rights such as authentication, authorization, and accounting.

Multiple business models are available, from unit sales to online subscriptions (for B2B/B2L/B2C users, libraries, education, aggregators or integrators).

And of course, cutting-edge features such as notes, sharing, highlights, thumbnails, and bookmarks are available for your subscribers.

In addition, advanced integration possibilities using several APIs and portal creation tools are also available. On top of this, you may also use analytics and interactive dashboards.

More than half of the most popular college textbooks in the US are available through our platform. It is also used by more than 40 leading publishers who represent over 85% of the technology books available on the US market.

Universal formats
Accept ebooks in PDF or EPUB2/3 format
High-performance rendering
Perfectly render ebooks and interactive contents such as video and tests in browsers with appropriate DRM
Instant search
Search instantly across thousands of ebooks, including the full text & metadata
Back Office
Manage accounts, collections, emails, portals and much more
Preview & SEO
Preview any part of an ebook and feed search engines
Analytics dashboard
Analytics reveal reader engagement based on sessions, views, notes, bookmarks & highlights

More features

Willo Reader also provides the following features:

  • Reading systems continuously evaluated for features supported by the IDPF EPUB 3 (as well for PDF) for fixed-layout & reflowable contents
  • High-performance fielded and full-text search engine
  • Document repository for terabytes of data
  • Accessibility standards & requirements like Section 508 and WCA
  • Secure e-book rendering, anti-piracy systems & watermarking of the books
  • Intellectual Property Management and Protection DRM
  • Reporting system to measure usage, revenues, and statistics, including the publisher royalties
  • Web services and APIs for the integrators
  • Mobile applications for Android, iOS, and Windows (for online & offline reading, with synchronization)
  • Dashboard for analytics and trends
  • Electronic sampling of ebooks
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