Frequently Asked Questions

Willo Reader ensures that users can access their ebooks anytime, anywhere, on numerous devices. Also, several features are offered to make the reading experience more efficient.

You can view the electronic versions of books either Online (via the Web Reader, or via the mobile apps) when you have an active internet connection, or Offline mode by downloading them via the mobile apps to various devices.

Any bookmarks, highlights or notes made when in Offline mode will sync up when you connect that device to the internet.

Accessing Your Ebook

After initially accessing a particular ebook from your provider, you can also login directly to the Willo Reader Web Reader. Your email address you gave when initially accessing your first ebook will be used to send you the detailed login instructions.


What are the requirements to view ebooks using the Web Reader?
You will need an active Internet connection, using Google Chrome (Version 49), Firefox (Version 45), Internet Explorer (Version 10/11) browsers, or later versions.

How do I setup my Willo Reader account?
If you are a new user, your account will be set up once you access your first ebook through your provider and once you agree to the ebook terms and create your password.

Can I download the ebook to my device?
Yes! If you have installed a Willo Reader mobile app, you will be able to download ebooks for offline viewing. You need an active internet connection to complete the download.

To which devices can I download the Willo Reader mobile apps?
You can currently download the mobile apps to Android and iOS devices (iPad or iPhone) devices.
You should use Android 4.4, iOS 8 or later versions.


Using the Web Reader

  1. How do I turn pages on the ebook?
    On the bottom left there are 2 arrows you may click on to turn pages. You can also use the arrows of your keyboard.
  2. Can I zoom in and out the page?
    Of course. Click on the '-' and '+' icons on the bottom left of the page; in some cases you may also directly choose Fit to width, height or screen if you prefer.
  3. Why do some books have a fixed or a reflowable layout?
    This depends entirely on the format used by the publishers. Note that some options may only be available for specific formats.
  4. Can I use keyboard shortcuts?
    Yes! Click on the Settings button on the upper right of the page to see all available shortcuts. They will enable you to navigate, zoom in/out, search, etc. using convenient keyboard shortcuts.
  5. When reading an ebook how do I get back to my Bookshelf to view my other ebooks?
    Click on the Bookshelf link on the top left of the page.
  6. Can I use the table of contents (TOC) ?
    Yes, use the TOC icon on the top left to navigate to any chapter or section of the ebook.
  7. Can I print the text from the ebooks?
    You may print the current page. Note that on selected ebooks printing is restricted and/or limited by the publishers.
  8. How can I copy text to the clipboard?
    Simply select some text and press Ctrl-C. Note that on selected ebooks copying is restricted and/or limited by the publishers. In such case, a message will appear letting you know that text is protected.
  9. How can I navigate to a specific page?
    Yes, you may enter a page number in the table of contents (TOC) pane to go directly to a page.
  10. Can I see thumbnails of all pages?
    Yes, click on the thumbnails icon on the bottom right to preview all pages. You may scroll horizontally to select any page to view.
  11. How do I create a highlight?
    Select any portion of text; a Highlight button will appear at the top and just pick a color.
  12. How do I create a note?
    Similar to highlighting, select any portion of text: a Note button will appear at the top. Click it and enter the text of your note.
  13. How do I create a bookmark?
    On any given page, simply click on the Bookmark icon on the top right. Clicking it a second time will "un-bookmark" the page.
  14. Where can I view, modify or delete my highlights, notes and bookmarks?
    Click on the pencil icon on the upper left to view highlights, notes and bookmarks of the current ebook. If any, you may select one of them to navigate to it, or click on the Trash icon to delete it.
  15. How can I edit my highlights and notes?
    You may directly select a specific highlight or note in the text, modify its color and text, or delete it by using the Del key.
  16. How do I search the full text of the ebook?
    Click on the search icon on the upper left to enter any search term; a list of hits will be displayed, enabling you to navigate directly to the relevant items. If you want to read another item, simply click on the search icon again.
  17. How do I cite the ebook for my paper?
    Just copy the URL of the address bar and paste it into your paper.
  18. Can I switch to Full screen reading for an optimal reading experience?
    Yes, click on the Fullscreen button on the upper right of the page. Afterwards, you will have to press the Escape button to restore a normal view.
  19. Is there a read out loud feature?
    Yes!  This is currently available via using Google Chrome; click on the Play icon on the bottom left of the page. When playing, you may also click on any other paragraph to start reading it out loud. However text to Speech functionality may not work for all Willo Reader titles due to publisher restrictions.
  20. Are there any other options?
    Yes, check the Settings button on the upper right of the page.


  1. I got an error stating "Your account is being used on another browser or device”, how can I fix this?
    It means that your login and password are in use on another device. Please log in again to take back your session. Please change your password if you suspect that your account might be shared with other users.
  2. I got an error stating "Your session has been disabled” or "Your account has been locked", what can I do to fix this?
    This message means that an unusual usage alert has been triggered on your account. It aims to protect your account in the event it is being compromised and to protect the author's intellectual property. This alert resulted in the system disabling your session or locking your account. Please log in again or contact your customer service for assistance.
  3. I forgot my password
    If you forget your password at any time, please click on the “Forgot Password” link on the Login page. Enter your e-mail address there. You will receive an e-mail with instructions to reset your password.
  4. I got an error "An account already exists with this email address"
    You already have a Willo Reader account but when you select a new book you're directed to create it. If Willo Reader tells you an account already exists with this email address, it means that you're enrolled twice with a different identifier; please contact your institution's customer support.

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