How do your users engage?

As a cloud-based platform, Willo Reader keeps track of every single user activity, online and offline.

It enables to deliver global statistics such as book sessions, page views, and most active titles as well as detailed analytics revealing reader engagement based on the number of sessions, their length and page views and activities such as taking notes & highlighting to provide meaningful metrics of the user engagement with digital materials.

Some analytics were developed specifically to address some of the most compelling challenges in higher education: improving retention, controlling costs, and improving learning outcomes.

On top of this, the dashboard allows filtering any reports based on a given period, book or user. In other words, authorized personnel can verify a specific user's activity day by day, or see how actively some books are used.

Detailed reports can also be exported to Excel in order to be used in combination with other data.

For any given period, title and user, aggregated data can be obtained about the user reading activities.

Or, titles/ISBN read by a specific user:

A convenient dashboard summarizes all activities for the selected period, user and books:

Also, real-time access data is available and continuously updated: